Our delicious taffy comes in two shapes: kiss and long.

We have two types of boxes 1 pound and 2 pounds. Every box is filled with an assortment of original kiss taffy or original long taffy.

Caramel Corn

We use 2 recipes in making our caramel corn. The oldest one is using white sugar and molasses which is called Dolle's Caramel Corn. The second recipe is using brown sugar andit is called Ibach's Caramel Corn.


Flavors of fudge: Chocolate, Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Sea salt, Chocolate Pecan, Chocolate Rocky Road, Chocolate Thin Mint, Chocolate Peanut-Butter, Peanut-Butter, Vanilla, Vanilla Pecan, Vanilla Oreo, Maple Pecan and Orange Creamsicle.


We sell milk and dark chocolate and occasionally we have white chocolate or peanut-butter.


Brittles are made with cashews or with peanut. It is sold in 1/2 pound bags.

Mellow Mints sticks

We have Regular Mellow Mints, Chocolate Mints and Butter Mints.